Last Updated : 22 Mar 2002

No. Location Type Price ( RM )  Info / Photo
LW Kg.Dumpil, Putatan NT 0.43 acre RM380,000 Map & Info
LW0851 Behing Graceland CL 0.5 acre RM280,000 Flat hill top land, bungalow lot
LW1272 Mile 3 Jalan Tuaran CL 11,325 sq ft RM40 per sq ft Good for residential, office or showroom
LW1318 Kg. Sandangau, Jalan Minintod NT 0.865 ac RM210,000 Flat land
LW0185 Near Taman Iramanis CL 6,969 sq ft RM18 per sq ft Vacant residential land
LW0035 Taman Khidmat 9,910 sq ft RM32 per sq ft Vacant residential land
LW0775 Jalan Shantung CL12,896 sq ft RM280,000 Hilltop, bungalow lot, overview KK city
LW0770 Kg. Hungab, net to irrigation channel NT 0.55 ac RM100,000 Flat land, good for residential
LW0771 Kg. Terawi, fronting Petagas river NT 5 lots RM70,000 per lot Good for residential
LW1319 Opposite Gardenia, Putatan NT 1.56 acres RM1.2 million Flat land
LW Jalan JKR, Tuaran NT 1.087 acres RM98,000 Small hill, fronting main road
LW1301 Off Jalan Bolong, Tuaran NT 3.66 acres RM150,000 Vacant land with road frontage
LW1326 Kinarut, next to school NT 0.52 ac or 22,651.2 sq ft RM5 per sq ft Next to school
LW1327 Fronting Jalan Kolopis NT 1.0875 ac RM190,000 Flat, reclaimed & nearby homesteads