CL 205328945 KG.SG.BUTON 03 ACRES and

                 NT 20305628 KG. SAWANGAN PAGAR 08.44 ACRES.


  With reference to the Labuan Development Plan report for 1997-2015, please find the following brief descriptions of the landsí potential and present surrounding development.


1. CL 205328945 Kg. Sg. Buton 03 acres.

This land is located near the low and medium cost flat which are presently being developed and near completion under joint venture effort by LDA and a private developer. The land is partly hilly on the west and slopping down to the east with scenic view to the mangrove swamp. It has good future potential as a location for resort or housing ( ref map figure 2.10 page 49 ). The proposed Bebuloh Eco-tourism and culture complex will be one of the future tourist attraction.

LDA proposed road access would also be superbly linked via Kina Benuwa ring road and East-West expressway from Kg.Patau-Patau Dua westwards to Kg. Bebuloh and meeting with Jalan Bebuloh ( ref map figure 3.4 page 84 ). The road network, which is presently under construction, will make the land strategically located at road front and with convenient road access to town center, industrial corridor and proposed integrated port in Ranca-Ranca and to Kiamsam as the new administration and institutional center.


Price: RM600,000  for the whole 3 Acres


2. NT 20305628 Kg. Sawangan Pagar 08.44 acres.

Presently with road access link to Jalan Sg. Pagar and Jalan Bukit Timbalai.  Only 5 minutes drive to the beach, which are being well maintained and cleaned. Road Access will be upgraded in the future to create a round-island coastal road ( ref map figure 3.8 page 108 ). The land is located in the area of Kiansam, which has been zoned as the educational corridor and very close to the present Asrama penuh and University site. Land value in Kiansam is also expected to further increase ( ref page 22). Future development includes 18-hole golf course, resort complex and tourist facilities ( ref map figure 2.10 page 49). The land is suitable for housing project and resort with its location close to the proposed Kiansam water sport center and secondary tourist area ( ref map 3.7 page 105).


Price: RM1,000,000 ( Ringgit One Million for the whole 8.44 Acres)